Today I have to go to the maul.

If my daughter wants my company, I’ll shop with her and enjoy her company. If she wants to ditch me and go to Gamestop and have the associate tell her which games are awesome as opposed to which games are totally awesome, I’ll be in the comfy massage chair in the middle of the mall (sans the massage—not something I can spend money on) with a book and my cell phone ready for her call.  (She doesn’t carry her own money—that’s another story.) Then I’ll meet her for the transaction, get ready to head home or get ready to read another chapter.  

If you’re like me, you never have enough time to read. If you don’t enjoy walking in stores and seeing how cute everything that you don’t need is, the book/cell solution is for you! You can read a little, look up and people watch, and then go back to wherever your book is taking you.