I challenge you.

She grabs The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary Fourth Edition and starts riffling through to the q’s. Ever since we noticed that “qat” is a word, the temptation to try to get the 10 points if you don’t have a “u” is always there. And since this is the first turn, she’d get double word. Who could resist?

I’m challenging you. I’m supposed to look it up.

She laughs and turns so I can’t grab the book.

I am challenging you, you know.

She laughs.

You are accepting the challenge, right?

Shit, she says, taking the letters off the board.

I challenged you. It’s not a word, right?


Then you lose your turn and I go.

I was only kidding.


I knew it wasn’t a word. I was only kidding.

If it were a word, would you have left it?

No answer.

It’s cheating. If you want to win by cheating, just go.

Can’t we just play? I don’t know if I was kidding or not. Can’t we just start over?

Go ahead.

“nest”  Double word. 8 points. I turn the board to see what I can do.



I’ll give up my turn. It is cheating.

Well, yeah, but we’ll leave it. I can use this “n” for something anyway.