Today I began doing my Equitable Distribution Worksheet that my lawyer gave me for homework. I sat down on and with the furniture and said that some of them may have to go live with the Plaintiff. The La-Z-Boy recliner and La-Z-Boy couch looked at each other nervously. You probably won’t be split up, but there are no guarantees, I said. I took all their pictures for Exhibit A and put them on a flash drive.

I told my lawyer that I’m a hippie and I don’t care about all this stuff. She assigned the homework anyway. The stuff that is important to my daughter I will fight for. I will fight for our home and for a standard of living that is healthy for us. I was not the shopper in this family. A table I have that someone left behind from my first apartment still serves me well, and going to Goodwill is the best way to have all your sizes in the same place, save money, not waste stuff, and help others.

We’re strong and thriving—my daughter and I. I know the “intangible” assets mean something different legally, but I see the Plaintiff willing to leave all the intangible assets here.