You do unfair things to me, and I’m in a place where there is no way to rectify the situation. Complaining would only be a detriment to me. And feeling angry eats at me.

But today I discovered a totally new behavior: pleasant.

Pleasant is not a natural behavior to me. Open is. Then if I get f**ked with that one, I switch to coldness. But coldness is energy-depleting. So today I tried the totally new pleasant.

In pleasant, I am interesting, conversational–even giving–but I’m emotionally unaffected. I’m just breezing through being with you until I can leave and get on with my real life. You can’t get me for being hostile—didn’t you just hear me la-di-da that humorous story about my kindergarten teacher?

You’re not worth any strong emotion from me. So you get beige. You get pleasant.