When I drive home from work, I pass a goat. His job is to eat grass in his area. His reward for his work is eating the grass in his area.

If my possible rewards for doing my best weren’t so once-twice-lots-removed from what I do, maybe I wouldn’t feel like I’m always trying and trying and not getting results. But who knows? Maybe the goat wants fescue instead of Bermuda grass today. He may even wish for the HDTV premium package with Sundance on demand. 

But enough goat/cable humor. I’ve put up with a lot thinking I would get long-term results but didn’t. I also know that some things, such as raising a child, can give you days where you feel like you’re chomping on crabgrass instead of relishing tender spinach leaves. Those days you’re enduring for the end result. I know to live for the moment. But I also know I have the tendency to put up with too much shit. Sometimes I make nice way too much. Sometimes I take my toys and go home when I should be trying to get along with others.

I wish I could say Bleat Bleat Bleat instead of I don’t know.