Like the hippies who were raised in the 1950’s, I have rebelled against my former environment but have gone too far. After 25 years of polished, sales-pitching             announcer-school voices permeating my pores and the roaring crowds at ALL the big games of ALL sports (pole climbing and poker included) crashing through the speakers and into my eardrums, my extreme reaction to being husbandless is that I hardly ever turn on the TV.

During my marriage, the sound of the TV became a loud white noise, but it wasn’t backgroundish enough to not be a stressor. My husband said that having the TV on all the time relaxed him. The only good part of my living with constant TV was that I always knew what was going on in the world. Now I’m a friggin’ idiot. I have to fake it when people tell me the next day that the world ended. That it’s caput.  I know, I can’t believe it! Yeah—what news that was! Wow! The way it all happened… it’s just…God, I don’t know. It’s really something. One thing I can always say without knowing any specifics about any event is Thank God for Wolf Blitzer! What a trooper! He’s always in that Situation Room. Still wearing the same suit and tie he wore reporting that catastrophe right before this one. They just keep coming without a break! Thank God he’s there to keep us updated about them all!  And Wow, what a game! always cuts it.

I’ve been a crappy citizen not knowing what’s going on in the world. I’m on the cell while I drive (Bluetooth speaker), so my NPR-while-I-drive good habit has lapsed. I know I’m busy, but I really need to decide to put the news on while I do other things. Not all the time just as a daily choice. The beauty of the quiet of my world is just an off-switch away after I get caught up again as a citizen of the whole, wide world.