Although my husband promised an amicable divorce, that promise is in the scrap pile with all his other broken promises over the past year and a half.

I’ve received his response with accusations about me that are totally false. Is this another example of standard filing for the sake of better financial outcome? When I saw his signature under the lies, I questioned for the first time whether I still love him. Then I felt guilty. Didn’t I promise to love him until “death do us part”? One friend says you can’t promise a feeling even though it’s in the vows. Another says you’re promising loving as an action, and I have maintained that commitment throughout.  I have been caring and fair.

Our marriage was, I thought, based upon honesty. When did he become a liar? What didn’t I see from the get-go? What behavior of his changed over time? What part is his choice not to manage his diabetes and other health issues well?

I have always craved Truth, but I don’t think it’s grabbable. I think the only thing I will ever know about what has happened to my daughter and me is that it needs to be over.