The cat who cries like the Eraserhead Baby even if he’s been fed, watered, and cuddled is on to my technique of shaking the cat food container to get him to go outside. He hid behind the dryer as I was getting later and later for work, not falling for it this time. I had to actually show him that I actually put more actual food for him to actually overeat outside so that I could leave for work.

Happy to go to the lawyer to find out what the f**k is going on, I get a call a few minutes before I am to leave work for my appointment that she will not be in. The administrative assistant does not know what is going on. My lawyer’s assistant is off for the week for her daughter’s wedding. Can’t we get my marriage dismantled before starting on a new one?

Change of plans—food shopping at lunch. My daughter is home sick again, so I call like a great mom to see if she needs anything.  Artificially flavored lemon pudding in little geometrically shaped plastic bins and Ramen noodles in the Styrofoam cups as to not leave any empty space in the landfill, please. Nothing like getting sick to knock some sense into someone about her health. I add these purchases to my veggies in the cart and hang up before I decide to hang myself, the mom who pumped and breastfed for 15 months.

Too tired to discuss the second half of the day. A friend suggested not focusing on results when wanting to feel successful. So on days where I seem to strike out at the T-ball tee, Good try, Claudia! Let it come to you!