Other working moms who run errands at lunch—what are some of the “meals” you’ve eaten while driving?

Many would have found it sad and/or disgusting as I, having purchased my reflective mail box numbers, 32 pounds of potting soil, and two robust zinnia plants, bit into a hermetically sealed, waxed cheese round. Such an urge I had for the smoked Gouda. I bit into the plastic from all angles but couldn’t penetrate. Finally I heard a slow leak, and the plastic seam gave way, allowing the delicacy to ooze through to my yearning taste buds. I may have eaten some of the red wax, but remember the wax lips from the 1950’s and the sickening sweet, colored liquid in the little wax bottles? Do you know of any baby boomers suffering from their long-term side effects? No, I don’t think Keith Richards is.

All during this wickedly satisfying experience, the truck stayed in its lane. I maintained control. Grabbed a few blueberries from the Ziploc while waiting at the light. Crunched on a Triscuit now and then. A balanced lunch that took no time out of my day.