Soon after separating from my STBX, I thought we were trying to work things out and keep our family together.  I asked him for help with the weedwacker, but despite the fact that I consistently offered helping him with trips to the doctor and computer issues, he refused my help and to help me.

My brother-in-law showed me how to use it and I was doing great until, last Saturday, the line totally bound up so tightly I can’t even get the knob turned to put new line in. I’ve tried prying the reel open to clean out what I can reach, cutting and pulling the line I can find an end to, and spraying WD 40. I don’t know if these are good ideas, but I had to try things. Nothing is working. My nails look like shit and my hands smell like the waiting room at the mechanic’s.

So today I went to Lowe’s and was looking at the various models of new ones. The salesperson asked if I needed help. I told him I wanted the weedwacker that was the least pain in the ass. He showed me what he uses—a battery operated one. I questioned if it would cut thick weeds. He asked how thick. When I showed him the diameter some of my wayward specimens, he said no weedwacker would cut that. I must have looked askance at that, since mine does. I told him I have no problem with mixing the fuel for the gas powered ones; I’m just having problems with the line. So he asked if I wanted to buy a new cutting head for the one I have. Yeah, if it would fit. I told him the brand of weedwacker I have. He showed me a cutting head for less than 20 bucks. What’s great about these heads is that you put two lengths of precut line in, so the internal tangling of two long lengths of line going in opposite directions doesn’t happen, and you have four cutting lines instead of two. I asked if I brought my old one in, could they fit it. He said yeah. I asked if there’d be a charge and he said no.

I am so psyched! This weedwacker situation is really symbolic. It’s about all of a sudden not being given simple help by the person who promised to be my partner until death do us part. It’s about not caring enough for me and our daughter to make sure that we are safely doing the things we’re not used to doing. There was no making sure I wear goggles and earplugs when I weedwack. I have been checking fluid levels in the truck and making sure the pipes don’t freeze in the winter, too. Not to worry.  

My daughter and I emptied the fuel in a labeled container that OSHA would be proud of. I’m bringing my tool to work tomorrow in the back of the pickup, storing it in the locked area by the basement steps, and taking it to Lowe’s after work. Saturday I picture myself wielding my big stick all over the yard, playing God with which plants live and which will get wacked. New precut lines will be waiting just in case the power goes to my head and I get too aggressive.

I was happy the guy was honest enough to not oversell to me. Again, it seems that the simpler solution will prevail! (I hope—I’ll know Saturday if my wacking will be wild or wimpy.)