Yesterday, after it cooled down to 87 degrees, did allow me to whack some weeds, my symbol of doing OK as a single person. The fact that I hinge my well-being on a 10+ year old piece of plastic and cheap metal is probably a problem. But since things are working, I’m not going to question this too much right now. This is how it all went down:

I lugged my disabled grass and fuel stained symbol of independence to work on Thursday and stored it in the basement. With gleeful anticipation, I drove to Lowe’s after work, with the name of my savior, whose name I will change to protect the name of this savior who didn’t show up for work that day. I will protect the name of the prophet who told me on Wednesday that the savior would show up on Thursday by changing it, too.

With the cutting head that “Mark” said that “R.J.” would put on, I asked some associates for R.J. Soon a female associate came over and asked if she could help me. I looked at her name tag to see if she were R.J., but she was not named Rebecca Jonquil, just Amanda. I explained that Mark told me that R.J. would put this head on this weedwacker to make sure it was the right one.

Oh, we don’t do that.

With emphasis: Look, I’ve lugged this thing around work all day before lugging it in here. (Exaggeration to get what I want rather than lying.) Mark told me that R.J. would make sure this cutting head fits this.

Another associate had joined us.

Amanda to Associate #2: Can we do that? You know, safety issues.

I was ready with some customer service issues that would make them want to deal with safety issues. This was my sensitive weedwacking issue and they were f**king with my head and cutting head.

Associate #2 started opening the cutting head package and I knew I was going to get my way. This is a new experience for me and I was very happy already.

Then he went to the weedwacker and tried to unscrew the knob, which I’d been trying to screw off for three days. I had thought the whole reel apparatus would need to come off where it was mounted and these jammed up parts would simply be discarded. He said, no, the new piece needs to go in this old piece.

Well, I didn’t feel like a weakling because he couldn’t unscrew it, either. They took it in the shop in the back while I sat on some boxes of air conditioners. When they came back, they said the new cutting head would not fit my weedwacker. But I was happy the knob was unscrewed. They said they used channel locks, and that Sears should have the type of cutting head I wanted. They apologized while I thanked them.

So I went to Tools and got myself a pair of channel locks in case the reel binds up again and for other similar household challenges.

Yesterday morning, when we still had a breeze, I sat on the porch with one of our cats and enjoyed putting new line on, only putting on about 40 feet instead of the recommended 50 to avoid tangling.

My daughter helped me dump the fuel back in, and that thing worked like a brand new piece of equipment! I still can go to Sears for the easier cutting head, but I think I put the new line in so well that it won’t be necessary. If it does eventually jam, I’ll just use my new channel locks to unscrew the knob. And I may spring for a cutting head for heavier brush, depending on how the divorce mediation goes in regard to how long I’ll be living here.

Meanwhile, I will whack one problem at a time.