If you found that you were so close to the Candy Castle that you could just about taste it, but then had to go back to almost the beginning, don’t feel that you are starting over. I’m planning to take back my maiden name and go back 57 spaces to where I was born.

Stuff like that only seems like regression.  Think of all the things you learned in the Peppermint Forest.  If that doesn’t work, look in the mirror and see how f**king old you are now, Princess Lolly.

Of course, you may have thought things were yummier than they really were, but don’t keep a bitter taste in your mouth when you think about your journey. While I struggle to come to terms with the game, I have a kid who is at an age where, in retrospect, all of her childhood seems rancid to her. I don’t sugar-coat the past and throw it back in her face. But I don’t buy into the easy answer that everything was sour, either.

He wasn’t a total Lord Licorice.  And there probably were days that I fell short of the sweetness of Queen Frostine.