What do you see? Just bits of paper and string?

This is a souvenir of a great fireworks display. This was actually in the sky while my daughter and I were enjoying a show that was none-too-shabby for our small town during budget cuts. The paper still smells like fireworks!

These little shnipples (to use my Dutch grandfather’s expression for bits of paper) covered everyone’s vehicle in our area before we left the celebration.  

Did any other people take a souvenir before driving home and letting them float away?

If they did keep a piece, what would it mean to the person? The couple two cars down from us was arguing, and I heard the woman say “I do NOT sleep all day,” before she walked away. She came back a half-hour later and sat on the guy’s lap. She probably wouldn’t want to keep a piece of that.

I have boxes of souvenirs from all the times in my life. Applying retrospect meaning to a lot of them would make them ugly. But if I saw excitement, color, and beauty at the time, isn’t that what each would really represent?

It’s my life. It’s my experience. It’s my herstory.  (Even Spell Check is trying to change this to history!)

I can endure the pain of my marriage ending. But not without my 25 years of meaning.