Tomorrow is my 26th wedding anniversary. Last year for the Big 25th, I sent my separated husband flowers. He met with me a few days later and gave me my two gifts: his opinion that I hadn’t been pulling my weight in the marriage and his view that he didn’t like how I parent our daughter. These brand new gifts (I never heard this stuff before we separated) showed me that my less than sterling marriage was beyond hope.

Last year had silver as its traditional gift. The 26th does not have any “traditional” gift suggestions. (This is fine with me since I’m not having a traditional marriage.) But there are ideas for two “modern” ones.

The first one is jade. This would be an easy gift to give myself. It would be the kind of item I’d mindlessly throw in my cart while waiting in the checkout line. One by one I’ve lost trust in a lot of people over the last couple of years. Jaded would fit my personality just right!

The second one is original pictures. My life is not looking too much like any other kind of picture, so this would be a thoughtful present, too. It would take a lot of effort to make this gift, though. But what I could do with it! Maybe some of the pictures I created would be really cool. Some might come true. Some might come true only a little. Then I could imagine more pictures.

Which gift do I deserve?