Dear Neighbor,

No, you can’t buy my canning jars. I plan to do well enough to have my own little place someday, where I will grow vegetables and get into canning again, which as you recall was something I loved to do, or you wouldn’t have remembered that I have a lot of jars.

Some men would see my overgrown garden and realize I may need a little help now that it’s just me working full-time and raising a child while trying to keep up with this big house and two-plus acres. But you just describe how you and your wife, after knowing my family for 20 years, are enjoying making jam and spaghetti sauce.  You haven’t called for the two years after the incident, but now share your chagrin at the price of canning jars and saw an opportunity.

I am using this blog to express my anger at this. On the phone, I gave you canning tips and offered to lend you some jars. You’re just somebody else who’s let me down during this time. I’m reacting by not showing any feelings at all to people like you. I don’t know whether this is healthy, but it’s what I’m doing now.