No, it’s not because my weight is OK. No, it’s not because my cholesterol and triglycerides are OK. Eating ice cream makes me feel good. Following is how I get to the point of feeling good, eating my ice cream:

I drive to the supermarket. I choose a flavor—usually I get one that’s on sale. As I get better at this type of thing, I may get one that isn’t. I may even get to the point that I make a special trip for the sole purpose of buying ice cream. Imagine if I ever get to the point where I don’t share any of it! I put the container in the cart. I buy my treat. I drive home. I put the container in the freezer. I eat ice cream whenever I want. I eat as much as I want. None of this is dependent upon anyone else. The pleasure is not contingent upon someone else doing what they need to do. The success is direct, not based upon someone else’s well-being. It’s just me—eating f**king ice cream.