Last night, while my daughter and I were watching Punk’d, I was enjoying my big bowl of ice cream. She asked why I never worked on losing the weight I’ve been saying I need to lose. I told her I would but this wasn’t the time. But already I found that I was starting to have a less rebellious perspective than the one I really needed to express in yesterday’s post.

Today as I drove her to the dentist, I mentioned again how I really would be eating better and exercising. I don’t want her to worry, and my commitment to my health is sincere.

Then I had what she and I call a gift from the universe. While she was getting her teeth cleaned, one of the other hygienists asked our hygienist:

Does it matter when I eat the half cup of carrots?

No, I saved my apple for dinner.

I then realized they were talking about the Cleveland Clinic Diet.

I’ve had success in the past with it. It’s well-balanced, and you don’t have to take it too literally. You’re only following it for three consecutive days. I bet it would work if you picked any days. You can substitute a deck-of-cards-size serving of lean meat for the two hotdogs as a healthier choice. You can eat the foods at the time you are hungry. But the best part is that you get ½ cup vanilla ice cream at the end of the day. I would buy the best vanilla ice cream (Frusen Glädjé, I miss you!) go off by myself to give it my complete attention (Is that healthy? I don’t care!) and feel like I was having the big O.

I started to think. Why not keep the diet’s simple ingredients on hand? Then, if the next day promises to be uneventful, just do it the next day? I love salads. I could have great ones some of the other days. Even though it’s too hot for my lunchtime walk, I can crank up my music and dance in the AC in the evening.

Then, when I’m eating my ice cream, it will feel more like I love me.