On Saturday, I experienced the inconvenience (trauma) of my weedwacker not starting after I properly (I swear) mixed the gas and oil and refilled its little tank. Back when my STBX and I were barely conversing, he said that this weedwacker was a piece of shit, but my brother-in-law, who is great with this kind of thing, was not able to get the newer one working, so the piece of shit and I got along well enough for the last year.

Well, it’s very old. Replace some parts? Its worn-out spark plug and air filter might cause the unit to gradually work poorly; it wouldn’t cause it to not start at all. Now what?

Sometimes things reach a point beyond figuring out or fixing. It was time for a fresh start.

Well, I love my new weedwacker! It was easy to assemble, it’s easy to use, and whacks like hell! I have such confidence in it that I burned the box it came in. That’s a commitment. I’ve decided to spring for the $70 heavy brush attachment as well for times when I’m in the mood for some serious mega-whacking!

Just another little step in walking away from things that don’t work and toward things that do.