From the movie “Terms of Endearment”:

Garrett: You’re just going to have to trust me about this, this one thing. You need a lot of drinks.
Aurora: To break the ice?
Garrett: To kill the bug that you have up your ass.

I’m not a drinker, but the point is that we adults have a lot of bugs up our asses. It’s all that resentment for not getting to play enough.

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to Community Day at a local art museum. The price was within my budget of free. They had this great activity to make LED jewelry.

A few things really impressed me about the activity. Although one of the official volunteers did the actual soldering, you had to hook up the LED light, resistor, and battery yourself, so you learned how the thing you were making worked. Secondly, no one was hovering over the glue guns all lawyered out while people of all ages, lost in piles of the art-to-be stuff, were pulling the triggers. I burned myself a little since I actually had never used a glue gun. It felt just like when I’m excited about cooking and not thinking about the position of the potholder. But what really struck me was that it was an everybody activity, not just a kid’s activity. Kids have a lot more opportunities to be creative. I love kids, but what about us? I’m lucky that I’m able to use my creativity somewhat as I sit in my cubicle forty hours a week, but to paraphrase the above:

Trust me about this, this one thing: We need a lot of crafts.

This is what I made. It doesn’t photograph well, and I can’t take credit for the ping-pong ball idea. I can be fancier with my creativity, but I was in a minimalist mood. I’ll put the battery in tomorrow morning. Then I’m off to my cubicle to start off a new work week with some dead bugs up my ass.