Since I refuse to do the school clothes shopping the weekend before school starts, yesterday was THE day. My daughter wasn’t in the mood. “Back to School” in a Target ad translates as “Back to Hell” to her.

“Then it’s after school starts.”

“But I need something new the first couple of days.”

“Then it’s today.”

So off we went. It was after noon, so her mood picked up as she woke up, and both of us kidded around the whole way.

When we got to the mall, she found things she liked right away and everything fit.

“Wow, and I wasn’t even in the mood!”

‘It’s a gift from the universe.”

Then it became a gift from my debit card. I had planned to treat myself to something with my $10 off anything coupon, but put the coupon toward the purchase. Seeing her that happy was a gift to me.

Then, as promised in Saturday’s post, we celebrated my 100th blog post with a dinner out. It turned out to be the food court eating Gyros and curly seasoned fries. We toasted– her sweet tea and my unsweetened (a weird word since it never had sugar in it to begin with) tea.

Though my forearms stuck to the table, it was five star dining.