As I was doing some dusting this morning, I really became aware of all the framed cardboard. Two Octobers ago, my daughter began taking down all the pictures of her dad. I told her I thought it might be better not to, especially in the beginning when we were all still in counseling. At that point I really believed the family would survive, but I respected her wishes. Some of the frames with multiple places for pictures are more interesting because the cardboard is corrugated.

In a couple of years, she’ll be living in a dorm and displaying her life.

I wonder what my frames will be holding for me in two years? Will there be some old codgers my age now and then to fill some of the empty 2” x 3” ovals and 3” x 4” rectangles, both portrait and landscape?  

I actually visited someone years ago who had four or five collage frames filled only with pictures of cats. No humans. I love animals, too, but in every single space?

 Maybe I’ll finally find fellowship. Maybe there is a group of like-minded people somewhere and we’ll all be doing something cool together.

A picture of that would merit its own 11” x 14” frame!