Lighten up, Claudia, you’re about to lose half your assets!

When this house gets sold, I will be downsized, but not down. I just won’t be the grandma with the dusty whatnots stored wherever. I’ll be portable.

My new filing cabinet will be The Internet. I will try to keep only keepsakes that are really meaningful. I expect my daughter and myself to have some tug-of-war in this arena. If this struggle gets too overwhelming during all the other upheavals, we can temporarily rent a storage unit. Saving some valuable stuff for her to sell at a future yard sale would put a positive spin on this. But I don’t intend to move into a bigger place than the one we’ll be renting while she finishes high school, so a storage unit will be an interim solution only. After all, she’ll soon be off to college. That makes her portable, too.

Photo Courtesy of PicApp

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