I came up with these yesterday, but decided on another course.

The change of course is based upon the fact that things are not working. Not working at all. And if it doesn’t work, don’t not fix it.

In my last post, I talked about parenting being unlike baking for me, since I really know what I’m doing with eggs, flour, and sugar.

Unfortunately, parenting is like sewing to me.

When I used to sew outfits for myself, I would start out with a pattern and an I-can-do-this attitude. Especially if it was one that said you could sew the thing in two hours. Then I knew I could probably do it in a few weeks.

Compared to most people, I sew well enough. Since most people don’t sew at all. Anyway, my secret is that if you f**k up one side, f**k the other side up the same exact way. That makes symmetry. And a designer, one-of-a-kind piece.

Sometimes my seam ripper would get a real workout. Other times I’d get lucky. Sometimes the directions made sense to me. Other times I didn’t know what the f**k they were talking about and I’d ask people for help. If I didn’t understand what the f**k any of them were talking about I’d make up my own way of doing it. But I’d work it out until it was OK.

Creativity…perseverance…mistakes…trying something else….

You know, parenting is a lot more Vogue than Jiffy.