At one of my jobs, we would sometimes get these little inspirational booklets with our checks. I remember a quote from one of them: “Worriers spend a lot of time shoveling smoke.” I’ve found it to be by Claude McDonald.

I think if I quit my volunteer job of dealing with all the potential problems in my head, I’d free up some energy to better deal with the situations that are really occurring out in the world. And to fully enjoy the times when things are going well. Such as:

My daughter is positively responding to my different direction of parenting. The school has shown support in my communications with them. A colleague surprised me by sending me a book we had been discussing. When I walked through the door last evening, my daughter had a surprise—she’d made me something delicious to eat.

I am realistic. Some challenging changes are about to happen. Soon. But why worry about the what-ifs? I’ll use the shovel to shovel the real shit. No sense in wasting energy shoveling the farts.