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And just when I thought the amicable divorce he promised me was going off-track.

Wow, it’s beautiful! Much more beautiful than the one I’ve had for the last 19 years. The one on record in every single business I interact with. The one in every physician’s office. In all the school records. Who can even count how many places it’s on record as being mine and our daughter’s?

He kept paying this land line phone bill and some other bills. I’ve been keeping up with the roof payment and some other bills. All my long distance calls are made on my cell.

Luckily, I got home early today. My daughter had an early school release and we went to get our new glasses. After I was home for a while the phone rang. It was the local phone company. She tells me that my STBX had tried to get this number unlisted so it wouldn’t correspond to his name in the phone directory. They forgot to omit the entry when they published the new phone books. So he told them to change my daughter’s and my number (!!!!!!!!) so if anyone called here asking for him at our number they would get a recording that the number was no longer in service.

So the woman tells me I have a new phone number and proceeds to tell me what it is. I told her that I’ve been living here for 19 years and all our records everywhere have this number and I can’t change my phone number. She told me I could sign to have the service switched to my name and I said no problem. They were open until 6 so I left right then and there.

When I got there the number had been changed back already. There was a question of whether he gave permission to change whose name it would be in (it was just one of those things that that particular bill was in his name). They hadn’t mentioned this to me on the phone, but I could see it being an issue. The woman who talked to the woman who had called me thought he had given permission and I didn’t press it, since they went ahead and switched it to my name at this address and we kept the number.

All the new controversial phone books were neatly stacked on a long table. I asked the woman who knew about this whole situation if she’d like me to mark his name out of as many as I could while they were doing my credit check.

If he gets calls here I always given the caller his cell number.

It seems that he wasn’t thinking of our daughter or me when he told them to change our phone number. Like he wasn’t thinking of how he was adversely affecting others.

It sure seems like it.

Sure does.