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After that traumatic day in fourth grade when all the letters on the chart looked the same (no, not the E chart, asshole), I’ve worn glasses. Plus I’ve worn glasses all the time since high school except for a brief period of contacts before my astigmatism made that too uncomfortable. If you’re a regular like me, you understand the main thing about wearing glasses:

Fashion is the most important thing.

Sure, seeing is nice, but if your frames aren’t cool…

I’ve even worn sunglasses (before I had to wear my glasses all the time) that had a silver checkerboard pattern on the lenses that you could see from the outside and the inside. I didn’t see much. I looked really cool. Looking back, that experience is probably what’s making it easy for me to tune out the floater I have in my eye now.

During the last few years, everybody had to get used to the claustrophobia of narrow glasses. But since I’m sick of looking like Barbara Starr, I feel like fashion must be sick of it, too. This makes me positive that the trend is going to bigger frames. I haven’t read this anywhere, but I just feel it in my retina. So my new glasses, aside from many cool attributes, have a bigger lens area. This makes for easier vision while defying the status quo.

By the way, I just watched a recent video of Barbara Starr and her glasses opened up a little. She must be reading my blog.