This is my 20th summer living here. And my last summer living here. There is a gigantic black walnut tree in the backyard that’s over 120 years old and still puts out (maybe there is hope for me). I always heard that the process of actually getting to the nutmeat itself was a big bother so I never bothered. But since the whole yard is drying up, I can use the time I would have spent mowing and weedwacking to harvest these expensive little crops. I’ll have to pick them all up anyway before the final mowing(s), and what I read online about getting the shell out of the husk didn’t seem too overwhelming. The weather was great this morning, so my daughter and I started in.

We each put on old shoes, and stomped the husks on some boards I put down. From what I’d read, gloves are really important, since the resin between the husk and the shell really stains. When I removed some of the shells from the husks, the resin soaked right through my cloth gloves. So before my daughter starting removing the husks, we put on what she called lunch lady gloves. Well, I guess black walnut husks aren’t on the cafeteria menu that often, because somehow the resin went through the plastic gloves, too.

Now our hands are completely stained and our nails look gross. So until I can get two good pairs of rubber gloves, the Black Walnut Project is delayed. I know you will anxiously be following my posts as this project develops.