Today is my STBX’s birthday. I’m celebrating in the most appropriate way possible. I’m not being the one he wants to celebrate his birthday with. I’m possessing my ability to bake a great cake. But he doesn’t want my cake. I can’t say with a straight face (not that you’ll see it) that he’ll miss my birthday presents. It was a running “joke” that he never liked my gifts.

I’m not quite there yet, but I can see where the healthy path from this leads. It’s trying and getting hurt and trying and getting hurt until I find people who want what I have to offer. I get that. I’ve had more hurt than finding in the friends department since my breakup, but oh well.

What’s a little tricky is how much caution I should use. My default is puppy dog (I like you! Like me!) not cat (I’ll check you out for a good while and come to you when I feel like it).

Until then, to quote Nickelodeon:

Alone in the world is a little Catdog!