According to the legal assistant, Monday, October 18 was definitely going to be D-day. I asked her to call me when it was official. No call by 3:30, so I call the office. She says the court caseload was unbelievable. My lawyer didn’t want to sit there all day and charge me big bucks, so it would happen sometime on that day and she’d let me know the next day at our appointment the actual time the divorce papers were signed. I just wanted to know when I was divorced.

Well, an hour before I was to leave work yesterday, the office called that they still hadn’t gotten paperwork from the courthouse and to call them back right before I was due to leave for their office. I called when I’d finished lunch and they still hadn’t gotten it. They will call when they get it to set up another appointment.

So, I really don’t know for sure that I’m divorced. I’m signing my last name in quotation marks.

After I had finished another fast food lunch, I used the rest of my hour to go to the jeweler to pick out my divorce ring. I found a beautiful ring with 5 emeralds. I had decided on green stones since green’s my favorite color. Even when it’s sized to my bracelet-sized 8, “to thine ownself be true” won’t fit, so I’m just going to have “ttobt” inscribed. I’ll know what it means. It also gets around any potential copyright issues from the Bard’s descendants, although those letters have appeared in many Metallica lyrics.

So I guess eventually somebody will get around to signing my divorce papers like a non-event.

But those five little emeralds…