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How do you know you were sleeping when the phone rings, wakes you up, and when the conversation starts the person asks if they’d awakened you?

I always say “No” because the last thing I remember is that I was awake.

Friday night, my sister called me on my cell. It was early, but I had crashed on the couch, exhausted, and went into a deeper than REM sleep. We had a conversation that apparently got more coherent (from me) as it went on. I alluded to falling asleep but was still too out of it to emphasize how deep it had been. If it had been a short phone call I wouldn’t even have had time to realize I’d been sleeping at all.

The next day she, being a good sis, called to check on me. I’m all about how I’m handling things so well. She knew I didn’t drink or rely on anything chemical to get me through things, but who was she to judge after all I’d been through lately? she said. She just called to wish me a Happy New Name and to just make sure….