Sunday night, I knew it would be so festive to open the bags of Halloween candy that I bought for the trick-or-treaters, both of whom may be here this coming weekend (I live in a very rural area). I bought three bags because that would make them on sale. I got chocolate treats that I like. I always heard it’s wise to buy what you hate so you don’t eat it, but it seems so mean to give those poor kids icky treats.

I put some of the candy in a bowl. I thought my daughter and I would just have a piece that night and maybe a few more throughout the week. She never even craves sweets so she’s not raiding the bowl.

Did I mention I got divorced?

It’s good to give yourself a break in that situation. I need to be strong throughout this. Reese’s has 2% of my daily need for iron per serving. How much is a serving? Only one? It wouldn’t be good to not take advantage of iron sources during this challenging time in my life.

You know, the divorce.