When Chief White House Photographer Pete Souza was asked on today’s CBS Sunday Morning if he had a favorite of the presidential photographs he’d taken, he answered:

…my favorite picture will be the one I make tomorrow.

Yesterday was the day I hit bottom. Although I’ve been separated from my ex for over two years, I’ve been divorced for only a few weeks. There have been so many distractions between keeping this place up, a stressful job, parenting challenges, and legal issues that I hadn’t really been facing the emotional tsunami. It hit Friday night and left its aftermath yesterday.

On Friday night, a friend gave his advice. Theoretically, I’m very liberal about being open to advice.

Being told that I was attaching myself to past patterns made me furious. Theoretically, I’m very conscious that being furious when someone gives you advice usually means that they’re right.

Yesterday I cried that I was divorced. Just the basic, undistracted reaction. Boo-hoo, I’m divorced, box of tissues, just me lying diagonally on the bed in the fetal position.  After that, I talked to my friend again and was able to see that it was time to stop linking each new day to the chain of the ones before.

Last night I went to a small concert. One of the artist’s original songs was about his giving advice to a good friend who would not take it. I was happy I wouldn’t be meeting that friend’s fate. Tomorrow’s picture will not be another frame in the reel.