The day of my divorce, there was a knock on the door. It was the local florist with a beautiful, bright arrangement of yellow flowers with lemons in the water. My sister’s note suggested I make lemonade out of life’s lemons. I hope I can be as hardy as those flowers; 25 days later I still have a fresh daisy from the arrangement decorating my bathroom!

Wednesday, after my walk at lunch, I had a surprise waiting for me in my cubicle. My friends from downstairs had made me divorce presents. The canvas bag celebrates my Dutch last name (the artist is also a Hollander), the necklace holds a heart that isn’t broken, the RIP box now holds my wedding and engagement rings, and the cookies made for my daughter and me are f**king delicious and going fast! Inspiring quotes, notes, and jokes celebrating independence, sprinkled with some not-so-kind sentiment toward that other gender, completed the festive spirit.

I’ll always remember this as being a time of a lot of love and support.

Thanks, guys! This Nightmare Before Christmas is kinda fun!