Grover, my black Lab, would come back eventually if he got loose, but that would be after getting into whatever and meandering in roads. A black lab at night in the road after licking antifreeze somewhere? Not good. I walk him in our yard when I can. And other times I travel a good bit to take him to the dog park.

Yesterday’s trip was a good one. You never know who’ll be there. Sometimes the dogs will run in packs. This is good. My dog will join in and get exercise. Other times, they all just stand around and discuss the Dow or something and Grover will stroll a little and that’s it. Most times the day is a mix of good runs, Grover smelling the pee-mail along the fence, and socializing aka ass-sniffing.

Yesterday there were some fine asses there. Some were so fine that Grover chased them after one whiff. Good. Exercise. Some of the three or four or five way ass-sniffing went beyond acceptable social norms even for dogs and led to little altercations and ultimate pack chasing. Good. Exercise.

You’d think a dog park would be a good place for me to enjoy the human equivalent to ass-sniffing. But although I chit chat, my main responsibility is to look for that certain position and be ready with my little plastic bag. You start a conversation with someone and your dogs go in different directions, and you just have to follow your dog with that little bag, open and ready. Maybe I’m being anal about this, but I don’t want to get a bad reputation that I don’t clean up after my dog. And you never can be sure when it will happen. Even if you think there couldn’t possibly be anything left to shit, they always seem to eke out that last piece well into the visit.

It would be a great place to have some nice, long conversations with some nice, dog-loving people.

If only the dogs would stop all that shitting!