Today was a really bad day. Again, me doing my best and things not working out. So when I got home I continued working on the project I had started Thanksgiving weekend—making my dog one of his Christmas presents.

I had made one of these for our first dog whom we lost to cancer. Having saved the cool    T-shirts that were no longer in good enough condition to wear, I made her a quilt, using old blankets as the filler. She loved it! I’ve been saving T-shirts to someday make Grover one. Well, this is the Christmas.

To make this quilt, it’s OK to really f**k up sewing-wise. I had an aunt who used to make her husband’s suits. I’ve sewn seams today that are making her zigzag in her grave. But if she saw the stains on the T-shirts and realized the whole thing will be covered in black hair in no time, she’d be proud, because I’m making something where only comfyness counts. And it’s coming out cuddly!

Today, I just wanted it not to be so difficult to make something nice.