When I started this blog and chose a template, I didn’t change the default picture because it’s perfect for me. Green and red is my favorite color combination year-round. But more important is the single person driving alone on the road. The tunnel is really cool. The driver has to trust the lights along its wall and of her car as she navigates the curves in the dark to finally see what’s at the end.

I guess if the tunnel were through water, the road would be at a lower elevation. But I picture it through mountains, and that it’s the high road.

I will continue taking this road. Right now, I’m on an overpass, and there are some pretty hefty rocks coming toward me from the lower lanes as I look over the plaintiff’s equitable distribution paperwork. The plaintiff will say he didn’t know what all that legal stuff meant. What he’s signing will not seem to him to be his fault.

His lawyer is driving.

Who gave the lawyer the keys?