The mediation went well. It seems that my ex signs things that are untrue and unfair, and then doesn’t follow up in any way. My daughter and I will be OK.

He and I will be communicating and working together getting his things from the house, having the pictures copied, and selling the house.

He called today and we discussed some matters. I talked to the person he had gradually become over the years:

A victim

Someone who hears but doesn’t listen

Someone who doesn’t put value on opinions that differ from his own

We’ll be able to work together well enough to get things settled. But having time apart from someone with those qualities, and suddenly having a fifteen-minute conversation with that person, really made me realize how bad a relationship with someone like that is for me.

After the mediation, I’d given him a hug and told him I love him. I will always love him.

I just can’t love me with him.

Now I can love me, too.

Thanking him to his face would be cruel, so I’ll just send my thanks out into cyberspace.