Brain: Well, here I am and Body didn’t show up. She promised to meet me here so we could talk things out. Again, I’m starting not to trust her.

Body: HELLO! I’m right here, asshole!

            Asshole: Hey! Was that an insult?

Body: Sorry. Brain, you still don’t get it. We’re all attached. I’m right here.

Brain: Fine.

Body: But just for the sake of this little therapy session, I’m going to detach so we can sit across from each other and, woman to woman, get this trust thing straightened out.

Brain: Oh, that’s what you look like? I never really noticed…

Body: Yes, you have been known to take me for granted.

Brain: Is that why you’re pulling these little stunts lately?

Body: What “stunts”?

Brain: Like this burpy thing. I can’t tell if I’m hungry lately. It’s like a bubble in my throat.

Body: Well, I wouldn’t call it a stunt. It’s a signal. An honest way of communicating with you. You see, you have this food issue. You think about food way too much. Ever since we were young, you’d use food to gain acceptance. You cook for people so they’ll like you. And then you eat it yourself even if I’m not hungry. So now I’m doing this little burpy thing so you don’t know whether you’re hungry or not. Now you have to think about all this while you eat enough good food to stay healthy.

Brain: Well, at least give me credit for caring about our health enough to do that!

Body: I do. And more. You are very health-conscious and make great decisions in that regard. I’m just doing this temporarily to get your attention. Don’t get all paranoid or become a hypochondriac.

Brain: I won’t. It’s just that you keep changing a lot lately.

Body: Oh. And you aren’t changing?

Brain: Yeah. For the better.

Body: And I’m changing for the worse?

Brain: Well, kinda. Well, yeah.

Body: By whose standards?

Brain: Well, by everybody’s. By society’s.

Body: So we’ll go by society’s standards, then?

Brain: Well, no. But we’re 57 years old. You’ll start getting problems. That’s why it’s hard to trust you. Eventually you’re going to make me die.

Body: I think we’ll be dying together. Is dying a problem?

Brain: What?

Body: You like to think so much. Ever really, really think what it would be like to live forever? On and on and on for eternity? Think about it.

Brain: Fine. You win. How long are you going to do this little burpy thing? Is it serious?

Body: Until you get it and no. And, Brain?

Brain: Yeah?

Body: I’m not your enemy. I’m just a bunch of organs. And you’ll feel much better about things when you realize you’re just one of them.

Brain: One of what?

Body: You’re just one of the organs. I’ll stop f**king with you when you realize that and stop acting like a spoiled brat dictator and start listening to the other organs. Now I’m reattaching. Start appreciating me. We’re doing great for 57!