We all want to make a difference. We want the world to be Pottersville without us. But there’s nothing like parenting a teen to make you wonder if, other than leaving your carbon footprint, you’re making any difference at all.

I like the expression that raising a kid is a marathon and not a sprint. This sprint season is not going so well. It seems like 0 and a lot.

When do the marathon results come in? When she’s 20-something? I wasn’t too mature in my 20’s. Maybe the pre-game commentary will give me some hints? I’m thinking 30’s or even early 40’s before I really know how I did.

Good thing I had my daughter so late in life. It will make good conversation on those senior trips:

“Excuse me. I just found out that my 42-year-old daughter turned out OK.”

“Yeah. Do you need those Sweet’N Low’s? Here, just put them in this bag.”