Yesterday morning, I felt like an uncherished woman going out alone into an icy deathtrap. No husband to drive me. No one to call to assure that I had arrived safely. I had taken Tuesday off for the winter weather (as did everyone in my office), but the roads were not going to improve with sub-freezing temperatures, and I couldn’t stay home all week.

My road actually wasn’t too bad for a secondary road. Two miles later, I got to the main road, which is designed like a roller coaster—hill after hill after hill. What was in store for so many of us who have to take this treacherous road?

I couldn’t believe it. It was like July. I don’t see how they pulled it off. I went slowly just in case, but it was ice-free. I wasn’t the least bit tense, and I got to work early.

I bragged about how well my county had cleared the road, and decided that I’d let them know. I imagined they’d already heard from all the complainers.

Some things at work and a call from my ex began to get to me. I wasn’t feeling too appreciated. Later in the evening, I pulled up the county website and emailed my praise and a thank-you. 

Suddenly, I found that I was no longer in a funk about being unappreciated.