My belief system was concocted with the help of the Baltimore Catechism, a domineering father, drills on how to safely cover my eyes and the back of my neck when they dropped the bomb, and a mind prone to develop all the pictures in black and white.

This is a job for Baby Manager!

Let me introduce Baby Manager…

When my daughter was very young, we were getting the Christmas stuff out to decorate the house. As I began unpacking the holiday knickknacks, garland, the light-up Santa, etc., she wasn’t satisfied.

Where’s Baby Manager?


Baby Manager.

I don’t know what you mean, Feist (her nickname).

Baby Manager!

I’m sorry. I don’t know what you mean. Look, the elf!

She was temporarily distracted, and I kept unpacking boxes. I began to arrange the shepherds, wise men, animals of the manger…

BABY MANAGER!!!!  She was delighted.

The manger was a gift we received many years ago. The pieces, we were told, had been carved by a family: the intricate ones by the older members, the baby by the youngest member. We put Mary and Joseph in their special places. Then we put little Baby Manager in his bed. From that Christmas on, the box was labeled “Baby Manager.”

Since this “Solver” is “just managing” things lately, I’ve had to think a lot about managing. How the absolutes are lies, how people have their own agendas, how wiggly the world is. How Dr. Phil is right on when he sees managing, not solving, as the answer. How Alan Watts saw the futility of trying to make a world of straight lines. I don’t remember ever reading words attributed to Jesus that curse the way reality is. He encouraged good deeds while acknowledging the fact that there will always be people in need. Aren’t we at our best when we are managing instead of trying to control?

Baby Manager. It’s an adorable misunderstanding of words by a child. But imagine what we could accomplish if the personification of managing were our role model!