When I was a freshman in high school, we were on split sessions. This, I was told, was very unusual for a high school.

I loved it. I’m a night person. FM radio was new to the airwaves, and I would lie in bed and listen to WBAI, the listener-sponsored radio station, soaking up my wannabe-hippiness and forming my liberal personality until 2 or 3 am. I got up for school much later in the morning.

As an adult, I worked a 4 to 12 job before my daughter started school. Those hours are just so natural for me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of school personnel would love those hours. They’d be great for teens of second-shift workers. I guess there are teenage morning-persons. I have never seen one in nature. They could go to school during the traditional hours with the sunny teachers. Wouldn’t two-shift schools be cost-effective? Fewer buildings, desks, less equipment, etc. The buses could pick up the second-shift kids while dropping off the first-shift students.

Second Shift High would probably have all the cool teachers. If you’ve ever worked an “off” shift, you know how enjoyable and efficient it is to not have all the managers breathing down your neck. I bet there would be a lot of creative teaching and receptive brains.

There seems to be a prejudice against the night hours. Getting up early is considered “wholesome” while staying up until “all hours” has a negative connotation. Why? Would we be sleeping during the sunlit hours instead of running the combine? Is it harder to plant the seeds in the rows at night? It’s been a while since we all were farmers.

Night school works for adults, so why not at the high school level? Take in a little of the Price is Right first thing in the morning, enjoy your time off, and be at your mental peak when school is in session.

Just an idea. One that would never occur to me in the morning.