My daughter called when she got home from school Wednesday all stressed that the project she was working on for Art was totally overwhelming her. When I got home, I walked into a room where the contents of my organized sewing basket and my organized craft basket were vomited on the floor amidst an empty can of garbanzos and a bottle of (non-spilled) balsamic vinegar (the makings of her favorite snack). Clutter gives me shallow breathing. So what. My girl needed help. We made the coolest pocketbook! I told her if her art teacher didn’t like it didn’t matter. We had fun and we both love how the project turned out.

Saturday night, the power went out around 9:30 at night. I looked outside, and the streetlights and those stupid Duke Energy lights that people pay to have in their backyards that are nothing but light pollution were off. We took the opportunity to sit out and really look at the stars.

This weekend, with another art project’s due date not far off, we went to the fabric store. Although I’ve tried to interest my daughter in sewing in the past, she never responded, but this weekend I saw some enthusiasm and some effort. A unique quilt is in the works!