You know how you pick up one of those publications on the way out of some store or restaurant because it’s free? Even one about angel therapy and green tea enemas?

There was an article in one I recently took home that said something that really hit home. I probably read this concept thousands of times, but it was the way it was expressed that spoke to me. Judy Mitcham, an RN with a background in alternative medicine, is of the opinion that we learn from childhood that we are broken, and we believe this, even if subconsciously.

Ever since I was a kid, I’d often use the time just before going off to sleep to try to figure out how to correct my approach to life. As if life were like bowling. I often didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning until I could think of a good strategy for living the day. As if I could predict lane conditions.

I still do that. If I don’t do it consciously, there’s some gnawing feeling that I’m not OK.

I’m not OK? Says who?

A day or two after I read the article, I woke up with a brain groping for a game plan. Wait, I’m not broken, I thought. I’m just living my life.

Then I got up and lived my life.