Tonight, I would like to serve you a slice of what my work environment is like. Mind you, this is just the slice du jour. There are 4½ years of cake in the kitchen if you want seconds, thirds, fourths…….

The Business Officer, who holds a management position in perks only, had, for the last time today, hung up on me without any acknowledgement when I called her extension and told her who was calling her on what line. After she finished her phone call, I calmly walked into her office and told her that she’d just hung up and didn’t say a word to me when I told her who was calling. She just looked at me. Then I told her that this has happened numerous times and it makes me feel disrespected. She still just looks at me. Then she looks away. As I was leaving I turned around and told her that I don’t need anything long and drawn out—just a thank you.

When I got back from lunch, she shows me that she is sending out a fax to all our branches to call her number directly. I told her they usually do anyway. Then she told me when she gets a call just to put it into her voicemail. That way, she said, she won’t upset anyone. I couldn’t believe it—what if the call were important, I’m thinking. So I said:

Wouldn’t it be easier to just say “Thank you”? That’s what most people do.

But she said to put the calls in voicemail, so I said I would.

As she walked back, I heard the director of our whole operation—her immediate boss—say “That should do it.”

He heard her bully the person who used to work there as her assistant and did his default activity– nothing. I help the woman out some, and I’ve had to make sure she doesn’t start with me. I guess he likes this convoluted solution. It sure beats doing your job and making sure your employees act appropriately in the workplace. Too much effort and scariness to manage a fair work environment. You might have to confront the problems. Well, I’m not going to put up with being treated that way, so they can figure out what to do when, should further situations arise,  I politely say that I will be happy to do whatever when being treated appropriately.

Save room for dessert tomorrow, when I’ll tell you how, after only $6,000 a year, I will have the opportunity to be reimbursed a full 50% after July 1 if I see a doctor not on a list. This slice will be a la mode, because my boss wants us PR Committee members to make sure everyone stays in a good mood when the details of our new health plan are unveiled at Staff Development Day. This is because we are lucky to have insurance and lucky to have a job and we are all in this together. Even the people who are covered by their spouses or make a lot more money. And it’s OK to keep people on the payroll who don’t do shit because it would create conflict to address that financial drain.

More coffee or the check? Please keep my financial situation in mind when figuring the tip.