My work environment is so dysfunctional and the people are so weird, I don’t even take the situation seriously anymore. If tomorrow morning finds one of them shooting a water gun at another one who’s hysterically sobbing while another one recites the Gettysburg Address in a falsetto voice, I’m just going to do my job the best I can for eight hours and go home.

My personal life doesn’t make sense, either. My ex is making some improvements to the yard but doesn’t mention talking with a realtor. I’m doing my part going through the stuff and giving him what I think he’d like and putting the junk in a separate area. Meanwhile, my daughter and I are giving things to Goodwill and putting other unwanted items aside for a Junk in the Trunk coming up in a couple of weeks. I do want to get out of this county, but not paying rent is money saved toward a financially uncertain future for my daughter and me.

Bad health insurance as of July 1, a job that’s unstable, and an ex who is leaving us in a precarious situation. Trying to prevent problems doesn’t work. How can I take any of this seriously? It seems to get easier when things tip past the point of being simply f**ked up to being ridiculous. I try to influence what is effectable, and have a good laugh at the rest.