Yesterday, I realized how easy it is to plan a meeting using Doodle, compared with the endless talking back and forth about who can’t come on Tuesday morning and who will be unavailable because her niece will be honored as valedictorian at the pre-school graduation on Thursday afternoon. 

Yesterday, I also learned that Harold Camping had picked a new date for the Armageddon. It occurred to me that maybe Doodle could be his answer, too. Repeatedly rescheduling the End of the World can make any preacher lose credibility. It’s hard to pin God down. Sure, the Lord works in mysterious ways, but maybe Doodle could take away some of the mystery.

Raised Catholic, I learned about the three persons in the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. The new proposed date by Camping is right before Halloween— fine for God the Father and the Son, but a bummer for the Holy Ghost.

So, Harold, pick a few dates in addition to October 21 and make those guys commit. Here’s the link: