Well, it’s the day after Memorial Day. I don’t have to worry about being pulled over by Stacy and Clinton any more. I’ve been wearing my white sandals a lot since Easter. I personally think global warming negated the No White Until Memorial Day rule. So if I ran into a problem I figured Al Gore could kick Clinton’s ass. Stacy’s—I’m not so sure. She could kick back pretty well with those spiky heels.

My mind is about to go into summer mode. The casual attitude mode. Otherwise, I won’t be flexible enough to handle the changes that may come my way. My ex is having another realtor look at the house today. There may be job cuts where I work. My decent health insurance ends June 30. May and June see no body part unexamined, as Cigna pays for my grand finale and United Healthcare knows it won’t hear from me until I reach that $2000 annual deductible. Yeah, when my head falls off on my way to octuple bypass surgery I should be only $17.41 shy of that fine goal.

My cool, casual, comfortable white sandals will take me right on through the “whatever” seasons of summer and post-divorce.