I don’t think the organization where I work is going to last much longer. It will fail for one reason and one reason alone: confrontation is avoided at all costs.

When I tell my boss about problems that are negatively affecting our organization, she tells me she can do nothing about them because of the good ol’ boy network she reports to. Complaints are spewed out to trustworthy people of equal or lower status on the organizational chart (like me) who can do nothing to solve the problem. Then I hear gigglefesting with the person complained about and with the person responsible for solving the problem. Te-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he!

I think that healthy organizations, whether nonprofits, businesses, families, or countries, need honest dialogue to get things done.

I need another of my favorite bumper sticker that weathered away on my truck. It read:

Without dissent, it’s not America.

I made one human replacement for America. My daughter will be a great citizen. Right now, she wants to leave the country. She is in a healthy place, going through the adolescent phase of patriotism where you hate everything. But she’s always questioned AUTHORITY, which, if it’s a teacher, my boss’s boss in our nonprofit, or the president of the U.S., is another name for someone we hire and pay with our tax dollars.

And isn’t human civilization to the point where patriotism extends to world patriotism? All countries are interdependent. We can love America, love the world, and live anywhere. We can question, roll up our sleeves, and work.

Isn’t that real patriotism?