My mom hasn’t been out and about much after some recent hospitalizations, so she was so ready for an early evening ride in her wheelchair down the boardwalk. Two of us sisters and our daughters flew up to visit this past week, and we joined the rest of the Jerseyites and headed for Seaside Heights last Wednesday night.

Every so often, a mob would form in front of one of the arcades or beach stores, which meant only one thing: filming for another season of MTV’s Jersey Shore was in full swing!

At the start of Season One, my mother, totally unaware of the show’s content, had told me to watch my nephew lifeguarding on a new reality TV show (he was edited out even though he literally pushed an intoxicated Snooki’s butt into a boat). When she called profusely apologizing after seeing the show, I told her I watched it anyway because she told me to watch it. Now, the show has continued to be my obsession with the excuse “My mother told me to watch it.”

My camera was ready. Unfortunately, being inexperienced using it in video mode cost me some good JWoww footage. So when I saw an opportunity to get Sammi and Deena, I quickly subcontracted wheelchair duty to my niece. When she saw her mom taking a picture for a joke, she was so mortified (the Jersey relatives hate the show) that she forgot my mom, and another sister had to protect the disabled from the mob bouncer telling everyone to move, since the Jersey Shore crew thinks they own the boardwalk and a wheelchair is just a nuisance that gets in the way. I know all this borders on elder neglect, but I got a video of Sammi pushing back her hair and the back of Deena’s hot pink cap.

My daughter and I each got a T-shirt from the Shore Store. None of the Jersey Shore cast was at work at that time, so instead of staff sleeping between boxes or nursing hangovers, we got great, friendly service.

An ocean view. An invigorating breeze. Lots of laughing.

What a fun night with MomWoww!